Wild & Free


Wildlife Photography Exhibition
A tribute to Silvana Sutanto
Jul 30 - Aug 6 2017

“Wild & Free” is a collection of photographs of wild animals in their natural habitat. These pictures captured by Silvana Sutanto reflect the very nature of her soul — a free-spirit who always yearned for adventure and endlessly fascinated by the beauty of the creatures of earth, air and sea.

When she first picked up a camera in 2002, Silvana’s primary interest lay in photographing people and landscapes. However she soon gravitated towards wildlife, seeing beauty in the brief, serendipitous moments when animals and photographer connect, moments which could never again be recreated.

The natural world also held a mirror to human interactions. It never ceased to inspire and lift her spirits to witness instances of family bonding, love and friendship which she felt were often neglected in a society caught in the bustle of contemporary living.

Silvana sought to bridge different worlds through photography. Her ethos of creating common ground between people and other living things is evident with how her images transport us from our manufactured society to a realm that echos with nature’s urgent whispers.

Further revealed is her keen eye for stories. By directing our attention to oft-overlooked little wonders in life and uncovering the extraordinary in the everyday – be it a splatter of wild flowers along the sidewalk, shapes among clouds or humble villagers encountered during her travels, Silvana strove to deploy the power of photography to give voice to the silent and silenced.

Curated by the Silvana S. Foundation, the 15 works featured in this show are a sliver out of a vast body – fitting tribute to an artist filled with passion and empathy for her subjects.

Net profits from the exhibition will be donated to Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter (NANAS).

Since 1995, NANAS has been offering abused, abandoned and homeless animals a second chance to live out the rest of their lives with dignity and love. Previously known as Noah’s Ark Lodge Private Animal Shelter, it has grown to become one of the foremost advocates for animal welfare. Your support will help sustain this worthy cause which Silvana had tirelessly championed.


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